What are Backlinks and Why Do I Need Them?

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to either an entire website (homepage) or to either a specific web page. Some times, these backlinks are also called inbound links.These inbound links are important to search engines because their ranking algorithms measure the number of backlinks a web page or website has and it ranks the web pages with more backlinks in a higher position.

Consider that each backlink is a vote for your web page or site. The more backlinks that you get, the more votes you then have and with that, search engines are going to rank your web page or web site higher in their search listings.

Why Do I Need Backlinks?

As a webmaster and online business owner, your goal is to get as many “votes” as possible for your website so that it becomes popular in the eyes of search engines. Once your site becomes popular, it's then considered an authority. This is important for every website owner because obviously, they're goal must be in order to stand out above all the other thousands of websites in their chosen field (niche).

An essential part of search engine optimization is getting backlinks. Getting a lot of backlinks isn't enough because the backlinks you need must be in good quality. We have loads of those links just waiting for your site! Wouldn't you want your website to rank on the first page of all the major search engines there is? That is what a strong backlinking campaign can do for you!

How Do I know How Many Backlinks I Have?

In determining how many incoming links a website has, there are numerous tools that can be used. The utilization of at least one of the tools is important in the analyzation of not only your own progess but also your competition. We personally prefer Yahoo! Site Explorer because with this, you can be able to view all the web pages indexed by Yahoo! Search, view the total number of backlinks to a site, view the most popular pages from any site, and a lot more.

The goals with getting backlinks is actually twofold. First, you want as many backlinks in your site as possible and secondly, you also want to get more backlinks than those of in your competition which is any website in your niche that is currently higher than you in search engines for your targeted keywords.

What is forum profiles links and why they good ?

If impemented properly, forum posting is a powerful SEO strategy. It is therefore important to entrust this task to a professional online agency that is able to implement SEO strategies correctly in order to bring big sales, high traffic, and credibility to your website. The strategy consists of forum posting in which your Forum profile will carry your signature in the end and and anchor text links will be placed within that signature. Anybody clicking on that link will then, automatically reach your website. The basic technique is to be an active member of a highly reputed forum. If people there likes the way you respond to their questions and you can be able to provide solutions to their problems, they will trust you.