FAQ of our backlinks service

What's a Forum Profile?
A Forum Profile is a profile that is made from a Forum site called Forum Profile (example).

Which website can use this service?
ANY website in any language is suitable for this service.

Do I receive the report about the result?
We will send you the detailed report including all your profiles to your email, after generation finishing.

Why is this so important for your backlinks?
An essential part of search engine optimization is getting backlinks. Wouldn't you want your website to rank on the first page of all the major search engines there is? That is what a strong backlinking campaign can do for you!

How long does it take to create my links?
Our backlink packages, mostly takes around 5-7 days to complete your order.

Will my website be penalized for getting so many links?
NO. Your site will not be penalized. However, if your site is new or has very few backlinks, there is always a possibility that your site could be sandboxed, momentarily.

How long will it take before I can see the backlinks?
After we add your links, you will start seeing new backlinks within a few days, and they will constantly increase for the next month or so.

Can I split my links between multiple sites?
Yes, you can split your links between multiple sites, depending on each package.

Do you offer money back guarantee?
We offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our packages. If you are unsatisfied and have a ground for it, we will issue you a FULL REFUND with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

I have problem, what to do?
With regards to any problem, please contact us. We are happy to serve and help you with your concerns.

How long does the backlink take to be indexed by the search engines?
How long is a piece of string? The search engine spiders are entirely out of our control so we could tell that it is beyond the bounds of possibility. We, however, do provide a complementary service to help encourage the search engine spiders to index your link. We do this by the creation of other links to the site with your backlink on it. We put these links on pages where the content changes regularly so the spiders return from time to time to find new information.

Are the backlinks created by a machine?
NO. All of the creation of backlinks is done on hand by of one of our diligent and highly trained staff with special software help.

How are the backlinks created?
Our trained staffs continue to search and lookup the net for high PageRank websites that allow profiles creation. They then create a unique profile for your business with a backlink to your website.

Are the backlinks SPAM?
NO. All of the backlinks are created on websites that approve the creation of profile backlinks.

Are these DoFollow links?
Yes, 90% of the links are DoFollow links.

What industry are the websites?
The backlinks will come from a variety of different websites. Websites with .net, .org, .com, .gov and .edu are all included. From leading universities to government websites and social media websites to celebrity pages, all of them are included.